Exposing Falsehoods and Bigotry

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By Madi Jobarteh

More importantly, if a person is appointed in a position why would his or her ethnicity count as the basis of that appointment? If we should go by that view of the Tinpot Dictator, will it be fair to say all his appointments when he was President were also driven by tribalism as he levied against Barrow?

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Certainly Dictator Jammeh appointed so many officials to strategic and top positions who came from his own ethnic group yet he has always said he was against tribalism. Were those appointments coincidence and based on merit or they were driven by tribalism by design? Jammeh needs to answer that.

Therefore what justification is there to claim that the current President’s appointments were ethnic driven but Jammeh’s own appointments were not ethnic driven even though he had more top officials from his own ethnic group appointed to top positions? This needs serious interrogation.

When we do the analysis therefore it will be apparent that indeed it was Jammeh who was ethnic-inclined than anyone contrary to his claims – that is, going by his own claims of tribalism against others.

Thanks to Malagen for this succinct fact checking to expose his falsehoods and bigotry. People should reject the false narratives of this disgraced Tinpot Dictator which are intended for only one thing: To manufacture a way to divide and destabilize The Gambia for his own survival and escape from justice.

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