‘Even UDP drivers support President Barrow’: Citizens react as UDP pickup truck is pictured transporting NPP supporters

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A UDP pickup truck was on Thursday pictured carrying NPP supporters, sparking silly reaction online.

Alhagie Jobe sharing the photo online wrote: @Even the UDP drivers support NPP and President Barrow. They helping transporting supporters to Buffer Zone as thousands continue to trek to the ground.”

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Mohammed Sumareh said: The photo of the day: UDP pickup transporting NPPians to President Barrow’s nomination at IEC. When Allah bless you even your enemies will surrender to you. Barrow is blessed.”

But one UDP supporter Alieu Sanneh wrote: “Following the teachings  and preachings of lawyer Ousainou ANM Darboe. UDP and NPP are not enemies but opponents. We are each others keepers.

“The UDP supporters are following this preaching always. Due to shortage of fuel and vehicles, UDP pickup Driver decided to give them free transportation. See it for yourself.”

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