Ebo Town Residents Lament On Health Challenges Posed By Unsafe Drinking Water

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By Ousman G Darboe

Ebo Town is one of the densely populated communities in Kanifing Municipality without proper accessible drinkable water.

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The main source of water for these people is an unclean well situated few steps to the river.

Sarjo Mbye in her twenties is one of the people who reside in the community.

For Ms Mbye, lack of clean drinkable water has caused lots of damage to their health because of the type of water they drink daily.

“We pay our taxes regularly, but it is as if we are not part of the society. We are being marginalized because we are not benefiting from what others are and we all pay tax,” Sarjo expressed.

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Amie Secka, a house wife whose husband is said to be in a serious health condition, said inaccessibility of clean drinkable water poses unbearable danger to her.

Amie and her family buy water from people who are privilege to have running tap.


This, she explained is in a far distance from her house in order for them to have drinkable water.

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She said her husband is no longer in the position to provide the money to buy water daily.

The poor water situation, couple with lack of a single health center, makes life difficult for many people who reside in the community.

Mamat, Amie’s husband, Maimuna Cham and Kaddisa Sonko all call for government’s intervention to ensure that they have drinkable water.

“Our children always fall sick due to the unhealthy water they drink daily. The government has to look into this matter properly.” Maimuna said.

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