Dr Lamin J Sise brands NIA officers ‘wicked’ torturers who willingly brutalised innocent Gambians for money or favour

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TRRC chairman Dr Lamin J Sise said today hearing about the National Intelligence Agency has shown agents weren’t the innocent and ignorant enablers of the dictatorship as some portrayed themselves to be.

The probe has in recent weeks cast attention to the NIA, used by former President Yahya Jammeh to violate and abuse the rights of innocent Gambians. At least six people who worked with the agency pleaded guilty to torturing Gambians at the NIA, sometimes with the help of the junglers.

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TRRC boss Dr Sise today said they were “wicked torturers who willingly brutalized innocent Gambians for money or favour”.

“Some perpetrators gave flimsy excuses that if they did not carry out the superior orders to torture a detainee, they would themselves be tortured. They claimed that they had no choice.

“But of course they have a duty not to implement unlawful orders and no amount of explanation can excuse the cruel and inhumane treatment they inflicted on their victims,” Dr Sise said.


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