‘Do not vote for Essa Faal’: FJC calls on citizens not to vote for Essa Faal for insulting Gambia’s first leaders

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Former speaker and APRC stalwart Fatoumatta Jahumpa Ceesay has called on the people of Banjul to snub Essa Faal in tomorrow’s presidential election.

FJC made this call on Thursday at President Adama Barrow’s rally in Banjul on the final day of campaign.

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She said: “Do not vote for Essa Faal people of Banjul. Do you know why? Essa Faal has insulted the founding fathers of Gambia. Who are those? Pierre Sarr Njie who was a lawyer and did not have little education. Rev JC Faye was an educationist, studied theology and got his degree. He did not have little education. IM Garba Jahumpa who is my father studied up to Cambridge and became a teacher. He did not have little knowledge. And Sir Dawda who was a veterinarian and was a surgeon.

“Essa Faal stood and said those who brought the people of independence were not educated. That is the educated, he is handsome, it’s his wife who holds designer bags costing D6,000, that he has money and investing in Senegal.

“So if Essa Mbye Faal insults the people of Banjul, the people of Banjul should not vote for him.”


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