Darboe’s right-hand man Momodou Sabally leaps to his defence, attacks NHRC

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Momodou Sabally has slammed the National Human Rights Commission over the commission’s statement condemning United Democratic Party leader Ousainou Darboe’s threat to destroy President Adama Barrow.

National Human Rights Commission on Tuesday issued a statement condemning both President Barrow and UDP leader Darboe over the former’s tear gas comment as well as the latter’s threat to destroy President Barrow.

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An unimpressed Momodou Sabally said: “President Barrow has been attacking Darboe and UDP unnecessarily for almost three years. And the Human rights commission has always remained mute.

“Would there be a need for the Human Rights Commission to issue such a condemnation if Darboe did not respond to President Barrow? Where was the Human Rights Commission when Darboe and UDP became the attractive subject of abuse, defamation and attack by Barrow and his morons.

“The NHRC should have made a statement to condemn Barrow immediately he gloated about attacking 3 years jotna with tear gas. But no; they had to wait till DARBOE rightfully responded to the now clearly oppressive ADAMA Barrow before they issue this malicious and hypocritical statement…”

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