Darboe says his last showdown with Barrow was on Ya Kumba Jaiteh where he told Gambian leader he had no power to fire the nominated lawmaker

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By Lamin Njie

Ousainou Darboe has said his very last meeting with President Adama Barrow as vice president was on Ya Kumba Jaiteh who the president had sacked from her role.

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President Barrow last year sacked Ms Jaiteh as a nominated national assembly member but the Supreme Court last month rolled back the move saying he did not have any such power.

Ousainou Darboe was vice president when President Barrow sacked Ms Jaiteh. He reportedly confronted the president after he returned from a trip abroad. A few days later, the president sacked his political father in astonishing style.

Mr Darboe speaking to Gambians from his Facebook today said: “Two days after the purported banning of Three Years Jotna, the Supreme Court gave landmakr decisions, in the case of Ya Kumba Jaiteh versus the attorney general.

“I must say that I am happy about the outcome of that case. The judgment of the Supreme Court vindicates my position. In fact my last one-to-one conversation or discussion was on the revocation of Ya Kumba Jaiteh’s nomination in the National Assembly.

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“I made it quite clear to the president that he had no such constitutional authority but he insisted that he had. He gave this argument, very mundane argument that ‘if I have the authority to appoint, I have the authority to remove the person from office. But those very mundane, logical way of approaching. I am happy that I have been vindicated.”

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