Darboe asks Dr Ceesay to endorse UDP or risk getting…

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United Democratic Party leader Ousainou Darboe has called on leader of Citizens’ Alliance throw his weight behind UDP or risk getting damnified by history.

Mr Darboe made the call while addressing his supporters on Monday as presidential campaign entered the last lap.

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Mr Darboe insisted: “Ismaila Ceesay said he would not contest the election. But I would tell you that alone is not enough. Ask your people to all vote for Lawyer Darboe. Otherwise will damnify you for your omission and default for not asking your people to vote for UDP.

“By your that omission, you will be electing President Adama Barrow. Because if you do not as a people vote for United Democratic Party, which from visual evidences has the likely chance or the highest chance of winning, you will then be strengthening Adama Barrow and I don’t think that has ever been your wish, I don’t think that has ever been your plan.

“But if you do not throw your support behind UDP, by your omission you will be giving votes to Adama Barrow and history will damnify you.”

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