Thursday, June 1, 2023

Court To Rule On General Saul Badjie’s Detention

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On Monday 24 January, Justice Alameh, the presiding judge in the case between The Sates and General Badjie set 4 February 2022 as date for ruling on whether the former security aide to ex-president Yahya Jammeh should continue to be remanded or charged and tried.

Justice Alameh revealed that the state made an ex-parte (one party) application to detain the General within 90 days at the Mile 2 Central Prison pending investigation into his alleged crimes.

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The decision of making a ruling on the 90 days application came when defense counsel Sheriff Kumba Jobe rose to object to the said application to remand General Badjie without trial. The defense counsel maintained that the continuous remanding of his client without trial is unlawful.

It could be recalled that the Truth Reconciliation and Reparation Commission (TRRC) report recommended for General Saul Badjie and others to be tried for their alleged horrendous crimes.

However, journalists and some alleged victims have complained about the space of the courtroom, saying that it cannot fully accommodate the press and some alleged victims leading to members of the press standing outside throughout the proceeding.

It was therefore suggested for the hearing to take place in a bigger courtroom that would accommodate more people as the case is one of public interest.

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The next sitting is on Friday 4 February 2022 for ruling on the 90 days application.


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