Court-going GMC fires Fatou Faal for allegedly saying party’s entire executive resigned

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Gambia Moral Congress has issued a statement announcing the sacking of co-opted member Fatou Faal.

GMC has sued the Independent Electoral Commission following the rejection of the nomination of leader Mai Ahmad Fatty.

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While this is going on, the party has now announced the sacking of one of its officials.

A statement on Tuesday said: “Following the recent interview by Fatou Faal with King FM in which she alleged the mass resignation of Executive members, GMC National Executive wishes to inform the general public, GMC supporters and sympathizes that the entire Executive remains united and solidly behind our Leader. None of the Executive members resigned contrary to the rumours spread by Fatou Faal. The misinformation campaign being propagated by Ms. Faal and her associate, is  false, intentionally malicious and aimed at scandalising GMC, its National Executive under the illustrious leadership of Hon. Mai Ahmad Fatty.

“Ms. Faal and her sponsors chose such a sensitive political and challenging moment to execute their betrayal of the highest order so as to weaken the Party. They have failed in their evil intentions.

“GMC National Executive urges Party supporters, sympathisers and the general public to disregard and ignore the malicious and fabricated utterances of Ms. Fatou Faal.

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“The Mandate of the National Executive at this time, is to seek to enforce the entrenched constitutional right of our Party’s candidate to contest. This is the principal focus of the Party at this time, in the pursuit of which a case has been filed against the IEC at the Banjul High Courts. That case will be heard on the 19th November 2021. The Party will focus exclusively on this legal matter until final determination of our rights.

“GMC National Executive urges all supporters to remain patient and calm while the legal process takes its course.

“Lastly, Ms Fatou Faal is hereby expelled from GMC with immediate effect for malicious activities inimical to the general interests of GMC and the welfare of its supporters. Finally, we thank the general membership for giving support to the party during the most difficult times.”

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