Civil Suit: Tenant Seeks Over D100, 000 Compensation Against Landlord

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By: Ousman Saidykhan

One Babu Joof, an Islamic Scholar, has filed a lawsuit at the Kanifing Magistrate Court against his landlord, Tijan Savage, claiming the sum of one hundred and seven thousand dalasis (D107,000).

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The defendant was accused of reneging on the agreement after receiving the D70, 000 that was given to him for renovation of a self-contained double room and parlour which was allegedly supposed to be completed in two weeks, bearing “hazards, discomfort and disappointment,” in a single room he was given pending the renovation of the house.

After 5 months in that single room, the plaintiff said he got another disappointment after transferring to the double room and parlour because of poor renovation leading to leakages which rendered destruction to his property such as chairs, clothes and mattress worth D14, 000.

He claimed as well that the defendant disconnected his electricity supply for almost one month which led to the damage of his food stuff worth D5,000.

While giving his evidence, the plaintiff, Mr Babu Joof told the court that he knew the defendant through one Ali, a colleague of his, who told him he had seen a new place he wanted to rent. He said he told Ali to ask if there was another house he could also rent.

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“He [Ali] told me to go with him to the defendant’s compound. We went there and found Tijan [defendant] and one Omar sitting in his compound. Ali spoked with the defendant and Omar; he introduced me to them that I was looking for a house too,” the plaintiff narrated.

He continued that he also spoke with the defendant, Mr Savage who told him there was a self-contained double room and parlour which if he, the plaintiff gives him [defendant] money, it would be renovated, and the plaintiff would be the first to occupy the house for one year.

The plaintiff who said he was initially reluctant because he had an unpleasant experience before, later agreed when the defendant told him:

“He is a Muslim and that he would not do anything that was not part of the agreement.”

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“I gave them D25, 000 the first day and then D45, 000 the next day, making it 70, 000 for the renovation,” the plaintiff told court.

The plaintiff is claiming recovery of D28, 000 for the five months he spent in the single room out of tenancy agreement. He is also asking for D14, 000 for the alleged damage caused by leakages of the roof.

The plaintiff claims another D5, 000 for the deliberate disconnection of electricity and D60, 000 for breach of trust, emotional stress and breach of agreement. In total, the plaintiff is claiming D107, 000 from the defendant.

The matter was adjourned to the 4th of October 2022 at 12 noon, for the continuation of the plaintiff’s testimony.

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