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Dear All Christian Families And Compatriots!

It is my honour and great pleasure to extend my heartfelt compliments to you in honuor of the Holiday Season – Christmas and ensuing New Year 2016. May The Almighty God continue to bless your lives and invaluable contributions to peace and development of our beloved nation, The Gambia. As we all celebrate the season as a nation, it is befitting to encourage All faiths (Muslims and Christians) to uphold their religious virtues, without fear of any political interference. Compatriots, it behooves on us to continue to uphold our exemplary heritage, namely, sense of community, peace, love, tolerance and the law abiding characteristics.

Let us pray for a continued peaceful coexistence which our ancestors have left as a great legacy in our nation.

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More importantly, i wish to urge all Christians, Muslims and members of other faiths to protect our constitutional law which guarantees the secular values our beloved nation was founded upon.

God bless you dear Christian families, compatriots and friends. God bless our beloved country, The Gambia.


Fatoumata JallowTambajang

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Senior Citizen & Human Rights Activist

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