Campaign Trail: Huge Crowd Welcome Barrow in Gambisara; ‘No Vote for Oppositions’- Residents Chant

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By: Dawda Baldeh

Huge crowd have welcomed President Adama Barrow and his delegation in Gambisara as he continues his campaign tour across the country. This is probably the largest crowd Barrow has pulled since he began his campaign on November 9th.

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Residents showed up on the streets in a jubilant mood expressing their support for the president and calling on their peers to not vote for opposition parties in the December polls. ‘No Vote for Oppositions’ is the new slogan that emerged during the president’s visit.

President Barrow and his delegation spend almost two hours en route to the venue as happy supporters blocked the roads singing and dancing.

Gambisara is traditionally one of the largest National People’s Party (NPP) support bases in the Upper River Region (URR) since the formation of the party two years ago.

Speaking on behalf of the Alkalo (Village Head), Alhagie Beyaki Dukureh welcomed the President and his delegation while assuring them of a massive election victory in his village.

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“There is no need for you to campaign in Gambisara you have already won here. I want to assure you that our votes are for you. My message to the opposition is that they should not waste their time to campaign here they will not get a single vote here,” he said.

Dukureh also urged his people to support the president. Adding that what the president did for them is visible to everyone.

“We cannot pay him anything but to give him our votes,” he said. Noting that President Adama Barrow has made travelling easier for them by constructing roads and bridges.

Chondi Dukureh is the youth leader, he said the work President Barrow has done in his five years is huge and he called on the youths to rally behind the president.

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Maya Sillah Women’s Rep called on women to rally behind President Adama Barrow for a peaceful Gambia. She said President Barrow is aware of the challenges that the women are going through and he is ready to support them.

“As women, if we failed to support Barrow it means that we don’t love ourselves,” she said.

Other speakers at the campaign emphasised the need to re-elect the president in December. The president and his delegation later moved to Basse where they also received a warm welcome from supporters.

Speaking at Basse, President Adama Barrow expressed his profound gratitude for the turnout of supporters, describing it as a victory for the NPP in December.

The president continues to speak to residents about his plans for the country as the 4th December election approaches. During this period, he is expected to present his party’s agenda to his supporters as he seeks re-election in December.


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