Beware of Fair-weather Loyalists….

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‘Man is a selfish animal.’ (Karl Max) This statement of Karl Max perfectly sums up our collective society’s outlook of life, in the distant past, the recent past and even at present. This selfishness characterizes most of our interactions and how we relate to one another. It is this selfishness that brings about greed, which turns the wheels of ambition and the desire to be better [for oneself and, than others]. Thus, it is not bad in itself. It is the applications that can be bad.

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In the first regime, many people made themselves praise singers of the president just to be in his good books. They used that to gain favours, positions, financial rewards, prestige and all the other goodies. The then president, Sir Dawda Jawara, being soft and lenient to a fault allowed these wolves in sheep’s clothing to railroad his administration and portray him as being weak and ineffective. In the end this caught up with him.


Then, we had another type of human being – basically, the same selfishness and greed but with little or no interest to conceal it, and no remorse – who again was surrounded by these people. In some instances the same people who joined him in crucifying Jawara on the microphone, started heaping praises on him. They praised him, spied for him, tortured for him, and allegedly some even killed for him. I used to be shocked whenever I heard a dismissed official write to thank the president. Come on! Seriously? The guy just sacked you [mostly for no reaon ] and you run to GRTS to thank him. Thank him for what exactly, violating your rights?

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Now, Mr President, they have started again. Some people who were known to be Jammeh loyalists, who sang his praises, who informed on Gambians to him have now turned a new leaf, so to speak. They are now saints who ‘tried to end Jammeh’s dictatorship,’. They present themselves as being part of the struggle from the beginning. They will narrate how great you are, how humble you are unlike the ‘Monster’…


Behold! These were the same words they uses against Jawara to Jammeh and now…. Well, you guessed it, they are using them to gain something from you. Take nothing for granted, take nothing at face value, investigate everyone you want to appoint. They must not be allowed to railroad our Brand New Democratic Government. They sense your kindness, your being soft and it reminds them of a certain kind gentleman and they want to pounce.

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Here is my advice to those of you who think you can use sycophancy to gain something from our new president. Your beautiful rationalisation of your actions on social media will not do the trick this time, because we know you. We will call you out, by name if necessary. So keep away from our President!


Have a Good Day Mr President….

Tha Scribbler Bah

A Concerned Citizen

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