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I am not critical of Adama Barrow as a person, because from my observation I gave him a lot of credit based on his person, he is calm, easy-going, and above all humble, With this qualities together with other traits I believe he is an introvert and from my perspective he is frangible (weak) person.

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Is just over a couple of weeks since a confrontation happened between the Ahmadiyya muslims and non-Ahmadi muslims in the Gambia, this lead Mr. Abdoulie fatty of bakoteh to speak and preach hate amongst our beloved Gambian people and a few days later Religious Elders visited the president which is very much welcome by many folks, and Friday 19th May 2017 the president’s visit to the kingdom of Saudi Arabia is quickly scheduled. I have no objections on his visit to Saudi provided it is based on genuine reasons and for the betterment of the republic of the Gambia and its people. On his visit Mr Barrow must be briefed about saudi’s foreign policy and their willingness to spread their ideologies by any means necessary. They have tried it in many countries and those that fell in to their trap are still in trouble and will continue to be in trouble unless they change their minds.

The idea of WAHABISM is Saudi’s principal interest in Muslim nations especially in poorer nations, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh are examples of countries they try to use to oppress and suppress other faiths and even other Islamic minority sects. They were behind the 1970s meeting of the world Islamic nations where they make a FATWA ( declaration) that Ahmadis are non-muslims and that is over 3 decades now and are still funding groups and even states who will try to fight Ahmadis and other sects once their ideology differes from wahabish SIR DAWDA JAWARA WAS THERE BUT DIDN’T SIGN TO IT.

Barrow must know that the monarch of Saudi is not the custodian of the Islamic faith even in Saudi much more in the world because the monarch has had several confrontations with scholars in Saudi over the improper management of the affairs of the kingdom and how they want to control the minds of the masses in propagating their ideas about faith to be specific islam. And that even in the Gambia during jammeh’s era they have tried to use him through our so-called scholars, he adheres to their demand but the execution of the deal was the problem, he was a little bit reluctant considering his interest on the other hand he needed the money from Saudi, but let me make it very clear fighting Ahmadiyyat spreads it more to people that don’t even know about the jamat.

It could be worry some but perhaps the truth, the kingdom of Saudi promotes intolerance and extremist wahabi creed domestically and internationally, they have been lavishing over $100BILLON in the past 3 decades in exporting fanatical ideas across the globe especially in poor Muslim countries. Because of the intolerance and the extremist idea, in July last year the US government called on Saudi to respect the right of private worship or faces sanctions as they were violating the obligation under the human right convention on right to worship. PEOPLE MUST DIFFERENTIATE ISLAM FROM THE MONARCH OF SAUDI, the monarch is the world’s leading sponsors of Islamic extremism.

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Therefore, I highly welcome Barrows visit to Saudi but he must be careful of the things they will like to install in his fragile and delicate mind, the people of the Gambia are tired and can no more take any form of intimidation or oppression take note of that and if you took the extremist ideology you will be doomed like others before you who stand in the ways of the righteous, may Allah forbid.I love you like I love every other Gambia but Gambia come first.

Lamin Darboe

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