Assembly for Youth Development Association launching is May 13

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The launching of a new youth association named Assembly for Youth Development Association (AYDA) is slated for May 13th, 2017 at the Law Faculty Auditorium along MDI Road.

The mission of the Association is to capacitised youths with the necessary skills capable of giving them a meaningful life towards nation building through research, skills development, resource mobilization and entrepreneurship.

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Among its objectives, the Association seeks  to accomplish its mission by working to provide platforms for awareness on civic education; helping vulnerable students in accomplishing their educational goals and aspirations most especially dropouts; provide remedial classes for underprivileged and other excelling students;  mobilize resources for the establishment of youth resourced centres.

The Association also aims at providing capacity building programs on entrepreneurship, leadership and networking, provide a platform for youths to interact, exchange ideas and experiences; support youth in securing employment by providing them with jobs; and establish networks with other organisations.

According to Sarjo Jatta, chairperson of the Association, through partnership with other institutions, government and individuals, AYDA will set up programs to fully train underprivileged and excelling youths in areas such as Computer Technology, Mathematics, English and relevant current trend subjects to fully enhance their abilities to earn good  jobs in this highly competitive modern society.

“They will also need those skills to start their own businesses and participate in the political process as fully informed citizens. After talking to educators, a curriculum will be established and venues will be identified to execute this plan. The duration of the program for each cohort will also be determined at that point” he told The Fatu Network.

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According to Jatta, through private initiatives, companies will be encouraged to come establish offices in The Gambia and hire these graduates who would already have acquired all the required skills to fill the positions. He added that efforts will also be launched to raise capital for startups by these graduates to allow them pursue their dreams in business ownership.

He insisted that networking with other organizations will be central to their approach to reach their goals saying, collaborating, cooperating and building alliance will provide mutual benefits for AYDA and other organizations who share similar aims. He said its AYDA’s objective to put 50, 000 youths through this programs and initiatives.

“Regional, ethnic, religious and gender diversities are a key part of our decision making process because AYDA’s aim is to equally touch lives of all peoples of this great country. Diversity doesn’t generally just happen on its own. You have to strive to achieve it by being sensitive to it” he told this medium.

He revealed that the Gambia government’s partnership will be aggressively pursued as all AYDA’s projects are aimed at complimenting government efforts.  He expressed confident that with dedication and hard work, such fairly and ambitious programs and aspirations can be achieved.

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Chairperson Jatta implored on the Gambia government, institutions, international community to join and support them in contributing in the transformation of the country into a kind that will serve as a shining example for all third world countries striving to achieve first world class status.

Binta Dampha, vice chairperson of the Association said they are doing everything possible to ensure a successful launching. She cited some difficulties been faced but expressed hope that the event will be a success.

“We want it to be a big and everybody’s program. We want every invitee to be satisfied with our agenda and learn big lesson” she said.

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