‘Ask them to show you what they have done’: Essa Faal touts his TRRC work, says his opponents are incompetent

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Essa Faal addressed voters in Bakau on Sunday urging them to vote for him as he is the most competent among all candidates seeking State House.

The Turnaround leader insisted he is the only candidate who proved his mettle when he worked for the TRRC as lead prosecutor.

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Mr Faal said: “All these six people contesting, each beating his chest that he is the competent. Ask them to show you what they have done here. With all the people they are with and we have seen their results and know they are incompetent. And those people talking when their education is not much, we know they are incompetent. And the others who are talking, no know has seen their results and they have not done anything here.

“They are deceiving you. We have worked here for three years, every day you were watching us. You know if we have done something or not, you also know if we spoke the truth or not and you also know if we are competent or not.

“You know how it is between us and them. They organized a debate here, they all ran away and the one who came was defeated. So the people know.”

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