‘As-Suffa Relief’ Supports Flood Victims in KM, WCR

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By: Dawda Baldeh

A good number of one hundred families affected by the July flood within the Kanifing Municipality and West Coast Region have received support from ‘As-Suffa Relief’, a charitable organization established in Birmingham in 2012 which began operations in The Gambia last year.

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They presented one hundred (100) bags of 50 kg rice worth £3000 to the one hundred affected families to support their recovery process from the flood destruction, where each beneficiary received a bag of rice.

Twenty-nine (29) bags of 50 kg rice were given to families in Kotu, eight (8) were given to families in Wulinkama, while the other sixty-three bags were distributed among families in Nema-Sukuta, Nema Jola Kunda, and Nema-Kunku.

Yusuf Sisawo, the project coordinator, said the gesture is meant to support the flood victims.

“We are out to support the families that are affected by the flood. It was really heart-breaking to see the conditions of these people so, we deem it necessary as a charitable organization to give a helping hand.

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The monetary aspect is not a big concern, but the smiles that we want to put into the faces of the affected families is what matters,” he explained.

Mr. Sisawo expressed his profound gratitude to all those who supported ‘As-Suffa Relief’ for complementing their efforts in supporting the needy.

Sarjo Jallow, a beneficiary, said they are excited to receive the donation. “This is huge to us, and we are grateful to the donors for supporting us at this difficult moment,” he expressed with excitement.

Mariama Kujabi and Fanta Jaiteh both beneficiaries said the donation has come at a time when it is highly needed, and it can help them. They both thanked the donors and urged people to support their families.

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According to the officials, ‘As-Suffa Relief’ is an International NGO set up to alleviate poverty, assist in the provision of facilities in the interests of social welfare, help in the advancement of education, promote racial and religious harmony and advance the Islamic religion for the public in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad.

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