APRC Spokesperson Resigns

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Pa Modou Mbowe, spokesperson of the non-alliance faction of the Alliance for Patriotic Reorientation and Construction (APRC), has resigned from his capacity as spokesperson of the party.

Speaking to The Fatu Network, Mr. Mbowe disclosed that his resignation is based on personal grounds.

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He noted that he did not regret in any way working with the party, adding that he is still a member of the party and is available to continue rendering his service when needed.

Mr. Mbowe thanked the party structures, family members and friends for their cooperation and understanding, emphasizing that nothing adverse prompted his resignation.

It could be recalled that during last year’s presidential election, the party of the former President Yahya Jammeh was split into two factions: those in favour of an alliance with the incumbent party (National Peoples Party) and those against such alliance.

Pa Modou Mbowe represents the non-alliance faction.

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