APRC Condemns ECOMIG over ‘Beating’ of Man in Sibanor

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By Lamin Njie

Opposition APRC has called on the government to investigate an alleged brutality incident involving ECOMIG forces.

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“It’s the responsibility of the police to investigate what has happened. As a party, we seriously condemn this behavior of Senegalese ECOMIG in The Gambia. They have no right even if somebody is wrong to beat, knock down and even tie any Gambian even if you have committed a crime,” Fabakary Tombong Jatta interim leader of the party told journalists at a press conference held on Tuesday.

ECOMIG forces allegedly beat a Gambian timber dealer after his lorry reportedly failed to stop at a checkpoint.

The incident happened at the weekend in Sibanor, Foni Bintang.

“Remember it was the same Senegalese security forces who shot dead in broad daylight an innocent man Haruna Jatta. The man beaten could have been beaten to death,” Tombong Jatta said.

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“We want to inform President Adama Barrow that all these are serious security risks in the country. If you push people to the wall, the natural likelihood is that they will react.”

According to Mr Jatta, the government must conduct a ‘thorough’ investigation and the culprits be brought to book.

“This is serious and we’re sending the signal. As a party, we will make follow up to the last dot,” he said.

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