Ahead Of GFF Election: Kamaso’s Team Accuses Kaba’s Camp Of Breaching FIFA Ethics

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

As The Gambia Football Federation’s presidential elections loom on the horizon, Team Restore Confidence, a camp that is set to go against the incumbent Lamin Kaba Bajo has accused Kaba’s camp of breaching FIFA ethics as well as plans to amend the Federation’s constitution before voting starts.

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Led by Sadibou Kamaso, a former Executive Member of the GFF and the current General Secretary of Hawks FC, Team restore Confidence accused the Kaba Bajo administration of paying allowances to members of the federation who chose not to attend the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon and stayed at home and get paid for their allowances.

“The GFF Executive have already breached the FIFA ethics code by paying allowances to GFF Exco members who chose not to travel to the AFCON but sat home and got allowances”.

The camp went further to accuse the federation of not selecting a second-place winner, Sanger in the GFF League last season by selecting PSV Wellingara to AFCON.

“It is the same GFF Executive who claimed to have chosen the winners of being 1st and 2nd Division leagues to take them to AFCON but chose PSV Wellingara instead of Samger FC. Everyone knows the Falcons win the league and Sanger came 2nd. We are all baffled as to how PSV got a ticket to go to AFCON.”, the camp claimed.

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Although Lamin Kaba Bajo is yet to announce publicly his desire to run for the office in August, it is clear that the former minister is bracing up for another term.

According to Team Restore Confidence, Lamin Kaba Bajo and his team are planning to amend the Constitution shortly before the election to create a portfolio for the 4th and 5th Vice President positions.  This, according to the Kamaso’s camp through the campaign manager Baboucarr Sey, is part of Kamaso’s manifesto.

However,  he went on to claim that the Constitution can only be amended through an AGM or an extraordinary AGM and that cannot happen before the August election unless 40% of members make the request.

“Let it be known to everyone that the constituent Amendment can only be held within 2 months when 40% of members make the request.”

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Kamaso’s team further stated that they have a lot of ethical issues against the Kaba Bajo administration to bring to the attention of football stakeholders.

“There are lots of FIFA Ethics issues that we have up our sleeves to bring to the attention of the stakeholders including certain individuals holding positions in two clubs playing in the same league and findings of reports that were to be sent but still kept”

Team Restore Confidence led by 42-year old Sadibou Kamaso is expected to bring out allegations against the Lamin Kaba Bajo-led executive but the August election.

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