Aftermath Of Flash Flood: Livelihood Of Over 304 Women In Tujereng On Halt

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By: Alimatou S Bajinka    

A garden that is said to employ over 304 women gardeners in Tujereng is said to be in a bad shape since the devasting July flashflood caused by heavy downpour. The flood caused erosion leading to the destruction of crops and vegetables. Stagnant water still spreads everywhere.

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A garden of 219 by 145 meters employed over 304 women gardeners. It is the sole source of livelihood for the women.

Currently, there are no ongoing gardening activities due to the stagnant water in the fields.

Madam Manjie Sonko, the Garden Committee chairperson said the situation of the garden has affected them in every way.

“The vegetable gardeners are suffering economically. Schools have reopened and we have to pay fees and buy new shoes, bags and uniforms for our children. We now find it challenging to do such because our only source of income is destroyed.”

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She said the garden also serves as a place where women meet, share ideas and chat about pertinent issues concerning the community, noting that they now have nowhere to go or a place to sit and discuss.

Madam Sonko added that walking from the community to the garden is the only exercise some of them do on a daily basis, a movement he said is crucial to their health and wellbeing.

The women gardeners seek support from all to save there means of livelihood.

“We solicit support from all government agencies, NGOs and philanthropists to help build a drainage system so that the excess water can be drained from the field to facilitate gardening activities,” Sonko pleaded.

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