A Presidency That Baits and Lures Young girls Into Sex Traps

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It started almost a decade ago but only a few closed associates and female relatives of the President were aware of a rather reprehensible moral behaviour involving the Head of State where girls as young as 17 years old are escorted to the State House at the cover of the night for the sexual gratification of the President.

But as years passed by, a once highly secretive erotic activity involving the person of the President, has now become so pervasive that commenters are wondering whether President Jammeh’s right senses are intact.
President Jammeh’s pimp publicly identified
For the past couple of months, Fatu Radio has been documenting serious cases of child defilement at the State House where President Jammeh has created a special unit at the Office of the President whose main responsibility is to pimp for the President. The unit is headed by a certain Ms Jimbee Jammeh 30, from Bakau town which lies just a few kilometres from the capital Banjul.
On paper the official role of Ms Jammeh, a direct relative of President Yahya Jammeh, is a Protocol Officer in the Office of the President. But in reality, Jimbee’s main role is to serve as a pimp as for the President Yahya Jammeh. She usually picks girls for President Jammeh who act as sexual mistresses for the president especially when the First Lady travels.
Currently Jimbee heads a special division of mainly young beautiful fair coloured women at the State House. Many of these young female State House employees including Jimbee herself are housed in a guest house just a few metres away from the President’s official residence. In this guest house the young girls are kept as sexual slaves where they have to be on permanent standby to be called-in anytime but more so at night to have sex with the President. In essence, these young girls are always handy and at the President’s service to satisfy his unusually high sexual appetite.
Escaped girls narrate their ordeal
Fatu Radio has at least documented the case of four of the girls who have escaped the entrapment of President Jammeh’s sexual slavery. Their experiences are as painful as they are pitiful. All the four are now in a safe place outside the Gambia receiving support and counseling.
One of the escaped girls told Fatu radio how Jimbee the pimp, will prey on girls as young 17, by befriending and in most cases escort them to State House for a potential job offer as protocol officers to the President’s Office. “This is the first bait” says one of the girls. “The next thing you know is that you’re offered a room in the guest house at the State House” she said, adding “here anything goes…sexual orgies for the President and in some cases what I called ‘round-in one’ where the President can sleep in one night with as many girls as possible.”
Another victim told Fatu Radio that Jimbee usually get some of the girls to do an HIV/AIDS test after which she forwards the results to the president. She said President Jammeh is mainly interested in virgins girls and would later dump them after he destroys their virginity. The source also added that the President does not use protection when he sleeps with them. Some of the girls are also recruited during the annual beauty contests organized by the President.
Girls are forced to abort their pregnancies
Fatou Radio has independently confirmed that many of the girls became impregnated by the President and later forced to abort the pregnancies. The abortions are confirmed to have been done by the foreign doctors in the country’s national hospitals. Some of the abortions also took place at the office of a local NGO that works with young children, particularly young girls to empower them realise their full potentials in life. The particular NGO, (name withheld for now), is headed by someone who is half-sister to one senior female minister in the Gambia government.
One of the girls who went through a scary, life threatening abortion was said to have been kicked out of State House by Jimbee and had her cell phone confiscated from her after she started bleeding profusely from the abortion. The girl was also threatened by Jimbee to never tell anyone about her ordeal.
Jimbee usually take the girls on a shopping spree and controls their movement. She is said to also advise them on who to add as friends on their Facebook accounts. She usually asks them to take off their clothes while she inspects them before handing them over to the President.
Boy friends of the sex slaves are also targeted
The girls who live at State House are not allowed to have boyfriends and if they do, Jimbee will report their boyfriends to Gambia’s secret police, the NIA who will in turn torture the innocent men to keep them away. A classic case of such brutality directed at the boy friends of the State House girls is the case of journalist Alhagie Abdoulie Ceesay who for the past two months has been languishing in Gambia’s notorious Central Prison of Mile II on charges that he distributed internet pictures to Facebook friends which show a muscular man pointing a gun to the head of the President Yahya Jammeh. Mr Ceesay has still been denied bail in a case which in all decent jurisdictions, is a misdemeanour.
However, Fatu Radio has irrefutably established beyond all doubts that journalist Abdoulie Ceesay’s troubles started when it was discovered that one of the girls at President Jammeh’s service was going out with him.
First Lady to be targeted in the advocacy campaign
Fatu Radio conducted a live radio show on the plight of the girls. The program attracted angry reactions from callers and contributions on our social media site. Many called for serious actions against the President, the pimps and all those aiding and abetting the sexual abuse of our young girls. Many also recommend that serious advocacy be conducted to alert the international community about the alarming irresponsible sexual behaviour of the President.
Others callers and contributors also insisted that the First Lady madam Zaineb Jammeh be included in the advocacy action for her to understand the level of personal and emotional destruction that her husband is inflicting on young innocent girls.
Prominent movie stars and musicians are also victims of President Jammeh’s sexual advances
Fatu Radio has also confirmed that some female musicians in both the Gambia and in the sub region are also among the women who serve as the President’s handy call-girls once the First Lady is out of the country. In fact Fatu Radio has in its position, all the names of such women in the movie world and music who service the President once the First Lady is away. We will however keep their names from public debate for now.

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