7 Gambians Jailed in Angola

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By Lamin Njie

The Gambian consul in Angola, Haji Jawara, on Tuesday said that at least seven Gambians have been arrested in Angola.

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Jawara told TFN in an interview the Gambian immigrants are currently being detained for visa-related offences including staying in the country illegally.

“It’s not only Gambians but all West African people. I spoke with the minister of foreign affairs on it. He’s asked me to do my best to assist them but I need the Gambia government to help me purchase their tickets,” Jawara said.

“There are Gambians in another province who are also detained and I’m trying to get their detail. Today in downtown Luanda is like Sunday. Almost all shops are closed. Everybody is scared.”

Meanwhile the seven Gambians detained are Mustapha Saidy, Modi Trawally, Ansumana Cham, Muhammad Kanteh, Muhammad Touray Seku Keita and Muhammad Keita. Some of them have been in prison for almost two months.

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