54 MILLION LOAN: Touma Njai describes what her fellow MPs did as embarrassing

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Touma Njai has blasted as embarrassing the decision of NAMs to allocate themselves a 54 million dalasis loan in the 2021 budget.

Seventeen NAMs on Friday agreed to a proposal for a loan of over 50 million dalasis for themselves to build their houses.

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“Seeing NAMS approve a GMD54M is not only embarrassing, but contradictory to the statements most held on to and tried holding the Government accountable for,” Touma Njai who did not agree to the proposal wrote Sunday.

The Banjul South representative wrote further: “Seeing resources moved from primary and most needed facilities made me more mad. I asked myself, are we really ready for Game?

“We indeed have a long way to go. I shall continue giving my all to the people that I represent . Their interest shall always be my priority.”


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