“They Are Being Investigated And Will Be Prosecuted” – FSQA DG

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By: Sainabou Sambou 

Mamadou Bah, Director General (DG) of the Food Safety and Quality Authority (FSQA) has in an interview with West Coast Radio’s Coffee Time program on Wednesday 22 June 2022 said they received an information that some people were roasting cowhides, commonly known as “cow Canda” using waste or used car tires.

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He added that they immediately went on a joint operation with the police and were able to apprehend the alleged perpetrators on the act, confirming that eight people were arrested, including six females and two males while one escaped.

The operation and arrest were carried out in Abuko, behind the abattoir in Kombo North.

He said they are still on a joint operation with the police, noting that the eight persons will be investigated and prosecuted.

“The suspects are under police custody and the police will charge them on Section 28 and Section 37 of our act [Food Safety and Quality Authority Act]. I hope that they will be charged and prosecuted,” he said.

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Mr. Bah disclosed that car tires are very dangerous and that the smoke from burning tires is harmful to people’s health.

He further disclosed that they will take some samples and process them to know the level of toxic implications they have on smoked cowhides.

“Maybe it is not only happening in Abuko. It might be happening else where, so we will continue to be on the lookout as part of our surveillance system and we will find more information about the issue,” he said.

He reiterated that the eight people are under police custody, saying that they will help the police with more information to know the other people engaging in such act.

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