“We Need To Address Cost Of Living, Crime Rate, Agriculture, Decentralization And Empower Local Communities” – Alieu Badara Joof

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By Sanna Jallow

Alieu Badara Joof, the newly sworn-in Vice President of the Republic of the Gambia has urged new cabinet ministers to deliver to the Gambian people as expected.

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Speaking to the Fatu Network just after the swearing-in of the country’s new cabinet, Joof said their appointment will only be justified if they deliver to the Gambian people as expected.

“We need to address the cost of living, crime rate, agriculture, decentralization, and empower the local communities as a way of fostering sustainable development,” he said

He noted that if self-sufficiency in rice is achieved, it would reduce the country’s import bill and that such money can be spent in other areas.

“We also have to look at the quality of the educational sector and its relevance and appropriateness. It will not only address the quality of education in the country but will also take into account skills that are necessary for youth unemployment,” he explained.

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He noted that in addressing the high cost of living GCCI, Finance, Central Bank have and other government stakeholders have to implement and monitor policies that address

He stated that if they can address these issues mentioned, they would achieve 60 to 65 percent performance in their respective sectors before the end of the five years.

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