Two Gambians Found Dead At The Algerian-Moroccan Border

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By: Dawda Baldeh

31-year-old Gambian identify as Yaya Cham, resident of Chamen Village, Nainija Constituency and 22-year-old Tairuh Bah resident of Sare Gubu Basiru, in Sandu Constituency, have been found dead at the border between Algeria and Morocco on Sunday 08 May2022 while embarking on a journey to Europe, reliable source informed The Fatu Network.

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According to the source, the dead bodies were discovered by Algerian soldiers who were patrolling the border. The dead bodies were taken to Manish Hospital, Algeria where families can collect them for burial.

Among the dead bodies found include two Gambians, one Ivorian and a Guinean.

Our source further disclosed that the cause of their death is believed to be extreme coldness in the border as they were dress in heavy cloths. It has been reported that the low temperature in area has claimed lives of many people.

Fatu Network will reach out the families to hear from them.

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