Thursday, June 1, 2023

Brikama Council Of Elders Stripped Off Sport Committee Over Town Football Field Management

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By: Muhammed Lamin Drammeh

The Council of Elders of Brikama, locally referred to as Bulunda, has written a letter to the Gambia Football Federation informing them of their decision to take over the management of the Brikama Box mini-stadium from the Brikama Sports Committee.

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According to the letter received this morning, the decision to take over the management of the town’s mini-stadium from the sports committee is a unified decision following their discontent and disapproval of the day-to-day management of the field by the Brikama Sports Committee.

The Council of Elders of Brikama alleged that there is a lack of transparency in the management of the field from financial to operational matters. The letter says that such practices have put the community in darkness.

“The resulted to us being completely disconnected from it for several decades”,  the letter captures.

The letter went further to state that the Brikama Community is not benefiting any financial gains from the proceeds which are acquired from the usage of the field.

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The construction and allocation of commercial canteens around the premises of the field are said to have been done without the approval of the council of elders according to their letter sent to the Gambia Football Federation and seen by The Fatu Network. This also added fuel to the need for Bulunda to take over the management of the field.

The Council of Elders otherwise called Bulunda stated in the letter that, they have set up an independent management team to fully take over the operation and management of the Brikama Sports Committee.

The letter, which The Fatu Network lays its hand on also captures that the new management will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the Gambia Football Federation including the sharing of revenue that the field will generate. They will also sign an MOU with the former managers of the field, Brikama Sports Committee, on the specific usage and the subvention that the Council will allocate to Sports Committee.

The Brikama Mini-stadium locally called Box-ba has always been under the care of the sports committee.

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Over the weekend, this medium published a massive development taking place at the Brikama mini-stadium following the rolling, laying and installation of exotic artificial turf by the Gambia Football Federation.

The Brikama Sports Committee is yet to respond to the development.

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