Unity march underway for Gambians in the diaspora

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Below we produce a press statement from the organizers:


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On Sunday May 29, 2016, a group of concerned Gambians will hold a unity gathering at

The White House, Lafayette Park-Southeast Quadrant
16th street, Washington DC.
12:00pm – 3:00pm



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PURPOSE OF THIS GATHERING: Is to Unite all Gambians (Political Groups,
Advocacy and Activist Groups, Religious Groups, Grassroots
Organizations, Individual Citizens, etc..) at a Cohesive and Massive March that will serve as a “Call-To-Action” for All Gambians to work together to resolve the Imminent Gambian situation. Standing in solidarity with the peaceful demonstrations and efforts that are currently under way against Gambia’s brutal dictatorship.



This event comes 53 years after Africans gathered to mark the progress against the African liberation movement and Africa’s determination to fight oppression and foreign domination. The significance of this event lends credence to the fact that Gambians will be sadly gathering to carry the same fight not against foreign domination and oppression, but against its hateful son, Yahya Jammeh who has resorted to a 22 year long aggressive and murderous campaign against his own people.

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Therefore, the unity gathering event has been symbolically organized to coincide with this year’s annual African Liberation Day festivities that will take place in the DC area. Gambians and friends of the Gambia are hereby all encouraged to attend.


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