BREAKING NEWS!! Dictator Jammeh’s unbridle harassment of the embattled transport association continues as the association President Mumini Sey rearrested.

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The Fatu Network has received credible reports that the embattled leader of The Gambia National Transport Control Association, Mumini Sey has been reaarested by members of The Gambia Police Force shortly after he was released on court bail.


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The whereabouts of Sey is still unknown, but credible sources have told The Fatu Network that he was whisked away probably to the headquarters of The Gambia Police Force where he is said to be questioned on a whole range of issues including on the suspicion that he may not be a Gambian national.


Our sources have told us that The Police are already bringing up unsubstantiated allegations that he might after all be a national of Guinea Conakry. Reports reaching us have indicated that Sey who has continually manifested defiance during his detention and subsequent court appearances is being used as a scapegoat by a Government that has willfully murdered one of his colleagues, Sheriff Dibba who died Sunday , February 21, 2016 while under state custody.


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As we piece this story together, Sheriff Dibba’s dead body is still not handed over to his family. The Fatu Network has spoken to several worried relatives of the late Dibba who are still camped outside the mortuary in Banjul hoping that the State will hand over the dead body.


Earlier in the morning, the late Dibba;s relatives were hopeful of burying him at 2PM GMT but as it turn out The State still refuses to hand over the dead body. Many sources have told The Fatu Network that The Government is jittery about releasing Dibba’s body because many have altready confirmed foul play leading to his untimely death.


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In the meantime, the transport association boss, Mumini Sey who is said to be deeply traumatized by the death of Dibba is currently under custody prompting fears making the rounds in town that he too could face a similar fate as Dibba.


Both Sey and Dibba together with other executive members of The Transport Association were arrested and slapped with a trump of charge of Economic Crimes. Sources have confirmed that their detention condition was degrading and inhumane. it is common knowledge that The Gambia’s detention facilities are more of a death trap where torture including beatings and other inhumane treatments as well as credible reports of poisoning are all a cocktail mix readily available to be administered on detainees. This is documented even by International Human Rights Organizations.


The Fatu Network is monitoring the unfolding breaking news from Banjul and we shall update you with the latest details.

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