2022 Assembly Elections: GDC Youth Leader Calls For Coalition Of Opposition Parties

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By Sarjo Brito

The National Youth President of the opposition Gambia Democratic Congress (GDC), MC Cham Jr has called on all opposition parties to form what he calls “a tactical formidable alliance” ahead of the highly anticipated national assembly election.

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Cham said the approach would be the only way to stop the incumbent from forming the majority in parliament. His appeal came following pronouncements from certain opposition parties that they will be contesting all seats in Parliament.

‘’We are gearing up for one of the most important elections which is the parliamentary elections. I see a lot of opposition parties saying they will be contesting alone and that they will be contesting all the seats. I think all opposition parties must come together and have a tactical approach if we really want to dominate the National Assembly’’

The GDC youth leader noted that the December 4 Presidential election could have easily been won by a formidable coalition of opposition parties. Cham explained that even in areas where President Barrow won, the votes of the opposition parties if combined, could’ve earned them victory.

‘’This is why I believe we need to sit down and have a dialogue. Opposition parties running alone means we will be easily handing victory to President Barrow and his National Peoples’ Party. Dominating the house by the opposition will be impossible without a tactical approach. We cannot allow our National Assembly to be under NPP.’’

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National assembly elections are due to be held in April 2022. The country’s main opposition United Democratic Party won 31 of the 53 seats in the last legislative elections held in April 2017.

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